A Killing in the Family: a True Story Love, Lies, and Murder

Published: 01/01/1991

On March 19, 1985, gunshots rang out in the early morning stillness of Garden Grove,California. Police soon found the body of Linda Marie Brown, a young wife and mother,brutally murdered in her own bedroom. Minutes later, Linda’s stepdaughter,14-year-old Cinnamon Brown, confessed to the shooting. Shaken and confused, thepretty blonde ninth-grader would go to prison for years, hiding the truth of thecrime behind a wall of silence in order to protect the sociopath who’d orchestratedthe killing through lies, fear, and sexual manipulation — her father, David Brown.

A Killing in the Family takes you on the shocking journey of Cinnamon Brownand many others who were duped — if not destroyed — by David Brown, before Cinnamonfinally helped bring him to justice. This book became the NBC-TV mini-series, “Love,Lies, and Murder,” and a “New York Times” bestseller.