By Their Works: Profiles of Men of Faith Who Made a Difference

Published: 01/01/2005

One of twelve poor children, only seven of whom survived to adulthood, Michael McGivneyleft a Baltimore school in 1865 to take a spoon-making job in a brass factory. Heeventually entered the priesthood, but felt called to do more for his faith andin 1882 he brought together two dozen Catholic laymen in the basement of St. Mary’sChurch in New Haven, Connecticut. Father McGivney started an organization for Catholicmen named after Christopher Columbus — the “Knights of Columbus” –that today has 1.7 million members worldwide. Pope John Paul II himself referredto the Knights as “the strong right arm of the Catholic Church.”

By Their Works is a tribute to those Knights who’ve changed and improved thelives of family, friends, and communities since the end of the 19th Century.Some of the men in the book are famous – including President John F. Kennedy,Babe Ruth, and Vince Lombardi — but many others are not well known figures who’vedone extraordinary things in war time, to alleviate poverty or suffering, and duringthe September 11 crisis that shook America in 2001. Through acts of charity, sacrifice,and courage, they embody the spirit of the Knights of Columbus. By Their Works isa powerful and compelling portrait of real faith in action and lives lived in serviceto others.