Charmed to Death

Published: 01/01/1995

Fifty-year-old Gerry Boggs was one of the wealthiest and most eligible bachelorsin the ski town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado — until Jill Coit showed up. Captivatedby her sexy Southern drawl, good looks, and sultry charm, Gerry fell hard. Followinga fast courtship, they married but then he discovered his bride’s dark secret.She’d been married to ten men, some of them more than once, and she’dmarried a few of them while still married to another man. A couple of these husbandshad ended up dead. On an October afternoon in 1993, Gerry Boggs was found murderedin his Steamboat Springs home, shot in the head and savagely beaten with a shovel.

For 35 years, Jill Coit had been spreading her lethal web of sex and murder fromone end of the country to the other. Behind the beauty queen smile, was a dangerousfemme fatale who took delight in preying on innocent (and usually wealthy) men.With fifteen aliases, countless forged birth certificates, and a predatory allure,this “black widow” killer had always stayed one step ahead of the law– until the death of Gerry Boggs. She’s now serving a life sentence.

Charmed to Death became a 1995 Fox TV movie.